The Crop Supervision





A learner achieving this unit standard will be able to plant a range of crops by placing and spacing the planting material correctly. This is an entry-level Unit Standard that forms prior learning for learning in the areas of plant manipulation and plant propagation.


Learners will gain specific knowledge and skills in plant establishment and will be able to operate in a plant production environment implementing sustainable and economically viable production principles.


They will be capacitated to gain access to the mainstream agricultural sector, in plant production, impacting directly on the sustainability of the sub-sector. The improvement in production technology will also have a direct impact on the improvement of agricultural productivity of the sector.

Unit 1:Use and care for the tools and equipment in the planting of a specific crop.

  • Tools are used correctly in order to plant a specific crop. 
  • Equipment is used correctly in order to space plants according to the requirements of a specific species.
  • Tools are cleaned and returned to storage in good order. 


Unit 2:Handle planting material correctly for the successful establishment of a specific crop. 

  • Planting areas are prepared to suit the selected planting material.
  • Plant material that is on hand for planting is kept moist and sheltered.
  • Newly planted material is provided with sufficient water shortly after planting.
  • Newly planted material that will not survive is removed and replaced with new material.
  • Diseased plants are removed from the planting area to prevent contact with healthy plants. 
  • Basic hygiene standards are maintained, such as cleaning tools to prevent cross-contamination. 


Unit 3:Describe the basic effects of the environment on specific crops.

  • The basic effect of temperature and humidity on seedlings is explained.
  • Plants suffering from root shock are identified and the cause explained. 
  • The best time of the day for transplanting is identified.
  • The effect of heat on transplanted seedlings is explained.


Unit 4:Plant planting stock at correct spacing between rows, between individual plants, and at the correct depth for specific plant species.

  • Seedlings are planted correctly, as per prescribed methods, under close supervision.
  • Seedlings are placed in holes that are the correct depth for specific species.

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online



SAQA ID: 116200

NQF Level: 1

Credits: 4

Certificate Validity: 2 Years