SpecCon Holdings offers a vast range of accredited Learnership Programmes in various sectors, for both employed and unemployed learnerships. All of our learnerships; many of which can be completed entirely online, are completed over one year.

SpecCon Holdings’ onsite service offerings consist of a multitude of short courses supporting diverse fields of expertise. These courses are ably delivered by competent and qualified trainers and facilitators, and can encompass pre-and post-course assessments to ensure that the learners are competent upon completion.

SpecCon Holdings offers various eLearning and classroom training in First Aid, Firefighting and OHS; let us assist you in being compliant while operating in a safe working environment. 

All of our training materials are accredited with the relevant SETAs and are fully compliant with SAQA standards. We offer specific interventions with a wide variety of learnerships and specialized skills programs, which are tailor-made to our client’s needs. These are supported by our team of accredited Assessors and Moderators who ensure that our products and services are consistently delivered at the highest standards.

SpecCon Holdings will gladly support your business by creating a customized Learning Management System (LMS) which will enable you to track and manage your organization’s onsite and online training interventions seamlessly and effortlessly. Our systems allow you to plan, monitor, evaluate, and report on your skills development programs more effectively and efficiently.

SpecCon Holding’s Performance Management System helps leaders to effectively track and coach employee performance.

“Our training solutions are focused on transforming businesses by providing individuals with the tools to improve effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy in their work.”


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