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With more than 20 courses, you're guaranteed to find something that's right for you.

Short Courses

Our Short Courses can be done as single courses, modules, or as a combination course. You can also choose different topics for your company within different modules.

Full year Qualifications

Our Qualification Program is trending! Become a subscriber for only R229 p/m and have access to all our accredited qualifications while subscribed.


Our Learnership Program are provided to individuals and companies that wants to upskill their employees. Our learnership are 12 months programs

Learning Management Systems

Our LMS is Trusted by businesses and organisations world-wide, SpecCon Holdings provides unmatched customer services and training to our customers.

SpecCon Holdings is the best choice for everyone!

A fully equipped educational company for everyone who wants to upskill themself with the best of soft skills, leadership and accredited qualifications.


Our training solutions are focused on transforming businesses by providing individuals with the tools to improve effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy in their work.


Achieve your goals in life with training courses catered for your needs. Do a GAP analysis if you want suggestions on where to improve.


We believe in supporting our sales channel and building lasting relationships with our resellers in order to deliver value to the market.

Why Choose SpecCon Holdings?

SpecCon Holdings provides accredited training to employed and unemployed individuals. We offer short courses, Learnerships, Qualifications Subscriptions and general training.

Core Features

SpecCon Holdings provides awesome features for online training. Clear and usable software will make you feel like a professional.We guarantee you an exceptional experience.

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