The Best Performance Management System In South Africa

SpecCon Holding's Performance Management System helps leaders to effectively track and coach employee performance.


Job Descriptions

Over 450 job descriptions across 16 different business sectors and more than 15,000 KPI's.

Technical Competencies

Standard competencies per job.


KPI and competency interventions libraries are available to help workers improve.

Training Needs

Reporting to HR on interventions needed or areas that need improvements.

Job Profiling

Easy access to our job profiling resources.

3-step Evaluation

Employees, manager and final evaluation.


Optimised to save the employee, manager and HR time.


Workflow emails and reporting for every step in the system.

Behavioural Competencies

36 of the most competencies most companies use.


Customizable reporting available.


Most cost-effective system in the world.

Online Courses

Over 300 online courses that can be used as an improvement for KPIs or competencies.

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R30 (excl VAT)

Per person per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

SpecCon’s system has built-in job descriptions per sector, with pre-populated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Behavioural Competencies and Technical Competencies.


SpecCon Holdings has a library of thirty-seven (37) behavioural competencies already set up. These are the most popular competencies used in any organisation. This can simply be imported into any job description.

SpecCon Holdings has set up general interventions for KPI, which can also be used and changed if required. For each of the 37 competencies, Speccon provides multiple options for interventions and courses. There are almost 300 online courses that can be used as interventions. Interventions include, but are not limited to, YouTube videos, books, and softer tasks to complete.

When the evaluation is completed, the manager and employee can decide which interventions will be most effective. They will only see interventions set up as part of the job description.

The manager can easily see who needs to be evaluated. Evaluations are grouped per KPA and each KPI is grouped under each KPA. Each KPI can be evaluated separately.

Reports can be done at a consolidated level, per company. These include reports on KPIs used and final score, Competencies used and final score. HR can retrieve reports on all the interventions and courses selected to help them plan for the year. Progress reports can be pulled on all employees and where each is in the process. Managers can see these reports for their subordinates.

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