This write present and sign program will be useful to learners who communicate confidently and fluently in writing/signing in almost any formal and informal situation. Competence at this level will help learners to analyze and make mature judgements about complex, human, personal, social and environmental issues and to express and motivate their own opinions.

Learners at this level write/sign expressively and with conviction on topics of interest. They cope well with the exploration of complex themes and issues in a variety of writing/signing styles that stimulate and maintain the interest of their readers/audience. Through a drafting and editing process, their writing/signing shows significant improvement.

They carefully scrutinise their own and others’ writing/signing in terms of its impact on different audiences and contexts. They are also able where possible to use multi-media technologies to present rather than write/sign their own texts


Unit 1: Write/sign effectively and creatively on a range of topics

  • Imaginative texts are convincing, and appropriate to the topic and purpose. 
  • Expository/factual texts are convincing and well developed with respect to clearly articulated transactional purposes, using fully developed paragraphs and resulting in a unified text. 
  • Writing/signing on personal interests is convincing in terms of issues and concerns addressed. 
  • The narrative voice or register chosen is appropriate to context, purpose and audience. 


Unit 2: Choose language structures and features to suit communicative purposes

  • Points in argument are logically and deliberately sequenced to build up to a convincing conclusion. 
  • Devices are employed to create particular rhythmic or tonal effects. 
  • Stylistic devices that enhance meaning are used effectively. 


Unit 3: Edit writing/signing for fluency and unity

  • Text is checked for coherence, logical sequence and structure. Weaknesses and/or errors are identified and adjustments improve coherence and flow. 
  • Information is rearranged in ways that promote interest in, and impact of, the text for a defined purpose, target audience and context. 
  • Layout, spelling, punctuation, appropriate SASL structures (such as non-manual features) and syntax are checked for accuracy and readability. Major grammatical and linguistic errors are identified and changes made as required. 
  • The completed text is checked against the purposes for writing/presenting to verify that these purposes have been satisfied.


Duration: 5 Days

Delivery: Classroom/Online


5 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of all courses.

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