A maintenance of farm installations learner achieving this unit standard will be able to design, prepare and implement basic operational procedures for the cleaning, storage and proper maintenance of equipment, farm implements and infrastructure. The learner will also be able to monitor the safe use of equipment, technology, infrastructure and implements. In addition learners will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas of agriculture, or to strive towards professional standards and practices at higher levels. Competent learners will be fully conversant with agricultural regulations and aspects of safety as to provide the environment for the application of quality practices and thus strengthen agricultural practices in general.

Unit 1: Develop a basic task related work program related to the scheduling and allocation of equipment and implements.

  • The information required to develop a task-related work plan is identified and collected.
  • Equipment and implements are identified and allocated efficiently.
  • The skill needs of the work team are identified. 
  • A task-related work plan is developed. 


Unit 2: Prepare and implement basic operational procedures for the cleaning, storage and proper maintenance of equipment, implements and infrastructure. 

  • Maintenance procedures are modified, prepared and implemented. 
  • Major servicing of equipment is performed. 
  • Equipment not functioning efficiently is adapted.
  • Re-calibration of appropriate equipment is performed or requested.
  • Safety elements of equipment / tool / technology is adjusted i.e. safety shields.


Unit 3: Recognise, identify and solve problems related to the use of implements and equipment in an agricultural environment.

  • The possible causes of the problem encountered during task execution are identified.
  • Steps to be taken to rectify problems encountered are planned and organised.
  • The consequences of not resolving an encountered problem are explained.
  • Alternative methods and contingency plans are identified and implemented. 
  • Problems that cannot be resolved are identified and reported timeously


Unit 4: Draw up plans to ensure that safety regulations are implemented as prescribed for the use of implements, agro-chemicals and equipment.

  • The implementation of the NOSA Act is explained.
  • The necessary safety procedures in the handling of fuel, agro-chemicals, equipment and implements are identified and implemented. 
  • The procedures for the safe use and operation of implements and equipment are communicated to others.


Unit 5: Adapt equipment, implements and technology to suit different agricultural situations and processes.

  • The required task or function is identified and explained. 
  • The correct equipment, implement or technological application that could fulfil the function is identified.
  • The equipment and/or implements are adjusted or adapted to fulfil the required function.

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online

Maintenance of farm installations

SAQA ID: 116290

NQF Level: 4

Credits: 3

Certificate Validity: 2 Years.

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