Implement an action plan for new venture


This program is intended for learners within the Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise Sector. The learner will be able to implement an action plan, in terms of the practical and physical aspects, derived from a business plan for establishing a new venture.

Unit 1:Design an action plan for a new venture.

  • Actions to be taken to establish a business are listed according to priority.
  • An explanation is given of the reason for the priority assigned to each action.
  • Time frames are scheduled for prioritised actions. 
  • Deadlines are determined for scheduled actions.


Unit 2:Set up business premises and operational systems.

  • A comparison is conducted of the leasing or purchasing of premises by means of analysing the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  • A suitable location and premises are identified for the new venture. 
  • Operating and communication systems are put into place for the new venture
  • A brand is established for a new venture.
  • Legal issues and safety regulations for the premises are adhered to in terms of the relevant legislation.
  • Resources are procured according to the business requirement.


Unit 3:Implement business financial systems. 

  • A banking scheme is selected which is most suitable for the new venture.
  • Financial systems are established to eliminate fraud and to ensure efficient control of money, debtors, creditors, cash flow and the budget.
  • Financial control and auditing systems are applied in the financial system.
  • Screening procedures for debtors are established to ensure bad debts are eliminated or kept to a minimum.


Unit 4:Identify the risks associated with the new venture. 

  • A security system is established according to the identified financial risks. 
  • Emergency procedures are established according to the evaluated safety and security risk. 
  • The most suitable insurance scheme is selected based on investigated needs.
  • A stock and business assets loss plan is developed according to the identified risk.
  • Duration: 5 Day
  • Delivery: Classroom/Online

5 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of all courses.