The purpose of a description in the context of “Conduct Sales and Support Services” is to provide a concise and compelling overview of the offerings, benefits, and unique features of the sales and support services provided by a business. To better improve after sales support. This description serves as a marketing tool to attract potential customers, communicate the value proposition, and differentiate the company from competitors. It aims to generate interest, build trust, and encourage potential clients to engage with the sales and support services.


Unit 1: Identify early buying signals and act thereupon.

  • The characteristics of early buying signals are described, as is applicable to a specific industry.
  • The reaction to early buying signals is demonstrated according to organisational procedures in a structured scenario. 
  • The standard company sales procedures are explained in terms of obtaining a prospective buyer’s commitment.


Unit 2: Negotiate and/or agree to the terms and conditions of the sale.

  • Items requiring agreement are identified to the satisfaction of the customer and organisation.
  • An agreement on the supply of the product/service is concluded that meets the requirement of all parties.
  • Agreements are formalized and documented according to organisational requirements


Unit 3: Prepare quotations according to organisational standard policies and procedures.

  • Conditions of the sale are defined in terms of company procedures and legislative framework.
  • The commitment of, internal and external departments is formalized to meet the requirements of the quotation.
  • Quotation is presented according to organisational and legislative and legal requirements.


Unit 4: Handle and deal with customer objections and concerns.

  • The method of clarifying and addressing concerns and objections of customers are described in terms of organisational policies.
  • A proposal to address customer objections and concerns is formulated in terms of company policies and procedures. 
  • The procedures to deal with unresolved objections and concerns are described in terms of company policy.


Unit 5: Describe the current state of a specific industry.

  • Divisions of a specific industry are described with reference to the role and contribution of each division to the industry.
  • Industry specific information is analysed to determine trends and availability.
  • The purpose of specific Legislation relating to an industry division is described in terms of the objectives. 
  • The consequences of non-compliance to industry specific legislation are described in terms of the legislation.


Duration: 5 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online


SAQA ID: 119472

NQF Level: 3

Credits: 5

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

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