A Learner is capable of conducting sales in a specific industry by presenting the products and services to the customer in such a way that is conducive to a successful sale. A Learner is capable of acting in such a manner to enhance the image of the specific retail industry.

  • Unit 1: Identify early buying signals and act thereupon.

    • The characteristics of early buying signals are described, as is applicable to a specific industry.
    • The reaction to early buying signals is demonstrated according to organisational procedures in a structured scenario. 
    • The standard company sales procedures are explained in terms of obtaining a prospective buyer's commitment.

    Unit 2: Negotiate and/or agree to the terms and conditions of the sale.

    • Items requiring agreement are identified to the satisfaction of the customer and organisation.
    • An agreement on the supply of the product/service is concluded that meets the requirement of all parties.
    • Agreements are formalised and documented according to organisational requirements.

    Unit 3: Prepare quotations according to organisational standard policies and procedures.

    • Conditions of the sale are defined in terms of company procedures and legislative framework.
    • The commitment of, internal and external departments are formalized to meet the requirements of the quotation.
    • Quotation is presented according to organisational and legislative and legal requirements. 

    Unit 4: Handle and deal with customer objections and concerns.

    • The method of clarifying and addressing concerns and objections of customers are described in terms of organisational policies.
    • A proposal to address customer objections and concerns is formulated in terms of company policies and procedures. 
    • The procedures to deal with unresolved objections and concerns are described in terms of company policy.


  • Unit 5: Describe the current state of a specific industry.

    • Divisions of a specific industry are described with reference to the role and contribution of each division to the industry.
    • Industry specific information is analysed to determine trends and availability.
    • The purpose of specific Legislation relating to an industry division is described in terms of the objectives. 
    • The consequences of non-compliance to industry specific legislation are described in terms of the legislation.
  • Duration: 5 Day
  • Delivery: Classroom/Online
  • SAQA ID: 119472
  • NQF Level: 3
  • Credits: 5
  • Certificate Validity: 2 Years