The learner achieving this unit standard will be able to collect routine agricultural data on instruction and will also be able to apply prescribed methods of data collection for agricultural purposes. In addition the learner will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into more complex areas of data collection.

Competent learners will be fully conversant with a narrow range of data collection procedures and contribute to the agricultural landscape in this regard.

Learners will understand the importance of the application of business principles in agricultural production with specific reference to information systems and technology.

They will be able to operate farming practices as businesses and will gain the knowledge and skills to move from a subsistence orientation to an economic orientation in agriculture. Farmers will gain the knowledge and skills to access mainstream agriculture through a business-oriented approach to agriculture


Unit 1: Demonstrate knowledge of different elementary methods of data collection.

  • Different methods of data collection are described correctly.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different methods are described.

Unit 2: Collect and report on collected agricultural data by using prescribed collection methods.

  • The prescribed data collection methods are applied and  used correctly. 
  • Data is collected accurately.
  • The required reporting format is applied. 
  • Basic deviances in data are identified, noted and reported.

Unit 3: Use and maintain data collection equipment correctly.

  • Correct use of data collection equipment is explained.
  • Correct method of storage of the data collection equipment is explained. 
  • Minor repairs to the data collection equipment are performed correctly. 
  • Collection equipment is cleaned correctly.

Unit 4: Apply health and safety measures applicable to the collection method and equipment.

  • Health and safety measures required for the safe collection of data are explained. 
  • Appropriate protective garments and tools are used during data collection.
  • Applicable hygiene standards are maintained throughout the process of data collection.


Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online


Collect Agricultural Data

Accreditation: TETA

SAQA ID: 116156

NQF Level: 1

Credits: 2

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