This report writing  format course is intended for all persons working in administration in commercial and non-commercial organisations and who is responsible for presenting information in report format.

Unit 1: Relate the purpose, content, form, frequency and recipients of a range of reports

  • The regular reports are identified for a selected organisation. 
  • The information needs of the organisation are linked to the purpose of each identified report. 
  • A template is drawn up for each report in the company-specific format including the mandatory content headings. 
  • A table is created listing each report, its purpose, the regular recipients and frequency of distribution. 

Unit 2: Identify information sources & organisational procedures for obtaining & distributing information

  • A table is created listing each report and the information sources required for input to the report. The information sources are linked to specific headings within the report. 
  • A table is drawn up listing each information source, from whom it is obtainable when it is available, its level of confidentiality, and to whom it should be returned. 
  • Company procedures for obtaining information sources are identified for each information source and linked to the table above.

Unit 3: Compile reports related to a selected business function

  • The identified reports are compiled using current information. 
  • The created templates are used to write the reports and any necessary modifications are made and noted, to ensure compliance with business requirements. 
  • The identified information sources are used to provide the information required by the organisation. 
  • The report is distributed in the required manner in time to meet the specified deadline. 

Unit 4: Liaise with relevant parties and verify that reported information is in accordance with requirements

  • A table is compiled listing each of the relevant recipients of the reports, a space for comments and an overall rating of the report in terms of whether it meets their information requirements and purpose. 
  • The form is distributed to recipients and their comments are evaluated to determine the use of the report. 
  • Possible amendments to reports are made in line with suggestions from recipients.

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom

5 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of all courses.

1 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of this course.

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