Generic Management
generic management nqf 5


A generic management nqf 5 person with this certification can oversee first-line managers inside an organisation. Team leaders, supervisors, junior managers, division heads, and foremen are examples of first line managers. This qualification’s main goal is to help students become competent in a variety of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and values, such as:
initiating, creating, carrying out, and assessing projects, action plans, and, as necessary, suggesting modifications within teams and/or the unit to increase the efficacy of the unit.
In order to achieve the intended results, including customer happiness, the unit must monitor and measure performance and use creative or continuous improvement interventions. This will help the entity achieve its goals and realise its vision.


Module 1: Communication techniques

  • Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace
  • Use communication techniques effectively

Module 2: Monitor team effectiveness

  • Monitor and evaluate team members against performance
  • Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture

Module 3: Improving team effectiveness

  • Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation
  • Lead people development and talent management
  • Select and coach first line managers
  • Build teams to achieve goals and objectives
  • Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions
  • Empower team members through recognising strengths,
    encouraging participation in decision making and delegating
  • Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to
    the management of self and others

Module 4: Improving workplace relationships

  • Formulate recommendations for a change process
  • Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace
  • Manage a diverse workforce to add value
  • Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context

Module 5: Manage finances

  • Monitor, assess, and manage risk
  • Apply the principles of knowledge management
  • Apply a systems approach to decision making
  • Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial
  • Manage the finances of a unit
  • Identify brand mix elements

Module 6: Project planning

  • Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan
  • Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan


Duration: 12 Months

Delivery: Classroom/Online/Blended


  • Grade 10
  • Computer Literacy
  • Communication at NQF Level 4
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4


Qualifying learners could follow a career in:

  • Senior Managers
  • Executives
  • Directors


National Certificate: Generic Management

Accreditation: W&R SETA

SAQA ID: 59201 

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 162

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