Performance Management

Live Demos

The Performance Management System has solved a lot of problems most companies face. Watch each of the following videos and try it for yourself to see the solutions in action.

Job Description Libraries

See how quickly you can setup your employee’s job description from libraries. Also the see list of KPI’s and recommended interventions plus courses.

Manually Import KPI's

Employees can easily see how to choose KPI’s from an auto generated list based on their selected job description. See how to control competencies and add interventions.

Job Description Approval

Before you can start the evaluation, the job descriptions must be approved. This can be a very quick process.

Employee Self Evaluation

Our system allows the employee to evaluate themselves. This is a quick and understandable way to do evaluations.

Manager Evaluation of the Employee

Evaluating your employees is now really quick due to our integrated features. Get notifications on pending employee evaluations, access to evaluate KPAs, KPIs, give score and comment.

Final Evaluation

The final evaluation happens after the employee and manager completed the individual evaluations. This is important for the final consultation between the employee and manager.

Interventions Selection

Our intervention makes our system one of the most unique systems in the world. This allows the manager to select interventions or remediations if the employee did not score well on certain KPIs or competencies.


Dashboards offer managers an all-encompassing view of employee performance. Dashboards display the final scores for each employee, the most popular behavioural competencies, the average score, as well as the enrolled courses and interventions.

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