Interpret a variety of literary texts in a short online course of competence at this level will enable learners to discuss the style and purpose of the text, implied and stated meanings, themes, plot, the author’s point of view and the context in which the text arose.

This interpretation of a variety of literary texts can use literature as a base to study and make judgements about human and social issues. They are aware of the drama and power of language.  As a creative representation of life and experience, literature raises important questions about the human condition, now and in the past. Learners’ increasing ability to reflect on their experiences and to compare them with those of others is encouraged, enhancing their capacity to deal with a selection of texts that explore moral, psychological and philosophical issues.


Unit 1: Extract meaning from a variety of literary texts

  • Listening/signing/reading/viewing strategies appropriate to the texts studied are adopted. 
  • Key features of literary texts are identified and the role of each is explained. 
  • Own responses are confirmed and/or adapted after interaction with others when discussing a text. 
  • Evidence cited from texts in defense of a position is relevant.

Unit 2: Identify and explain features that influence response to texts

  • The human experiences and values in texts are explored and explained. 
  • Clues in the text about the experiences and beliefs of the author are found and explained. 
  • A variety of texts are explored and explained in terms of social or personal relevance. 
  • Responses to points of view in the text are imaginative and an understanding of surface or embedded meaning in the text is reflected in presentations of own viewpoints. 
  • The way in which people respond differently to texts is explored and discussed. 

Unit 3: Produce own texts in response to literary texts

  • Content is outlined and related to the theme and character development. 
  • A good grasp of the significant ideas of the texts is demonstrated. 
  • The use of certain stylistic devices is identified, and the effects created are described. 
  • Own understanding of characterisation is justified. 
  • Selected literary texts are used as a basis for writing/signing in different formats and registers.


Duration: 5 Days

Delivery: Classroom/Online


5 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of all courses.


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