Microsoft PowerPoint empowers you to create clean slideshow presentations and intricate pitch decks and gives you a powerful presentation From A-Z, you will be equipped to create effective presentations while making the most of shortcut keys and methods to ensure maximum utility of Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether it be to convince management to invest in that new piece of equipment or to present the new annual budget to the board of directors, this course helps you put it in action.

        Unit 1: Getting started

    1. Finding your way in the
      PowerPoint environment
    2. The quick access toolbar
    3. Navigating in PowerPoint
  • Unit 2: Slide basics

    1. Inserting new slides
    2. Modifying slide layouts
    3. Moving and copying slides
    4. Adding notes
  • Unit 3: Working with text

    1. Copying and moving text
    2. Formatting text
    3. Inserting and deleting text
    4. Formatting text in a text box
  • Unit 4: Working with themes

    1. Applying a theme to a blank
    2. Modifying a theme
    3. Saving a theme
  • Unit 5: Inserting images

    1. Inserting and manipulating a
    2. Inserting clipart
    3. Inserting a screenshot
  • Unit 6: modifying lists

    1. Applying bullets to a list
    2. Customising the bullet style
    3. Applying numbering to a list
    4. Modifying number styles
    5.  Changing line spacing and
    6. Saving a theme
  • Unit 7: WordArt and Shapes

    1. Creating WordArt
    2. Inserting shapes
    3. Formatting shapes
  • Unit 8: Transitions

    1. Applying transitions
    2. Modifying transitions
    3. Advancing slides
  • Unit 9: Preparing to show your slide show

    1. Adding your notes to your presentation
    2. Spell checking your presentation
    3. Printing your slides, notes and handouts
    4. Presenting your slides using presentation tools
  • Unit 10: Adding headers and footers

    1. Adding a footer
    2. Adding a header
    3. Adding a page number

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online


5 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of all courses.

1 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of this course.