A learner achieving this unit standard will be able to recognize common insects, disease symptoms and weeds and apply basic control measures as per agricultural enterprise.

Learners will gain an understanding of sustainable agricultural practices as applied in the animal-, plant and mixed farming subfields. This unit standard focuses on the application of pest control practices in primary agriculture.
They will be able to participate in, undertake and plan farming practises with knowledge of their environment. This unit standard will instil a culture of maintenance and care for both the environment as well as towards farming infrastructure and operations.

Unit 1:Recognise and report on common insects associated with the specific agricultural enterprise

  • Common insects and whether it is pests or predators (beneficial) is identified and described. 
  • The types of damage the insects will cause are described. 
  • The effect of the predator (beneficial) is discussed. 
  • Possible control measures or the control measure as advised is described. 


Unit 2:Recognise common symptoms of diseases

  • The symptoms of the most common diseases associated with the agricultural enterprises are described. 
  • The possible effects the disease could have on the product are described. 
  • The most common control methods that could be applied to the disease are described.
  • The way in which the disease could be prevented is explained. 


Unit 3:Identify by common name the types of weeds present in the field

  • Definition of a weed is explained. 
  • The most common weeds found in the agricultural enterprise are identified. 
  • The different methods of controlling weeds are described. 


Unit 4:The different methods of controlling weeds have been described

  • The implications of the presence of new damage are explained. 
  • The circumstances under which new damage can be expected are explained. 


Unit 5:Notice and assist with monitoring of pests (scouting) and explaining if pest levels have not decreased after spraying or other control measures were applied

  • Pest levels that cause economic loss are explained. 
  • Whether pest levels have decreased to an acceptable level are observed. 
  • Findings are recorded. 
  • Hygiene measures are applied (personal, equipment, and environment.)

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online


Weed Control

SAQA ID: 116124

NQF Level: 2

Credits: 2

Certificate Validity: 2 Years