Learners who have completed this course will be able to take the necessary safety precautions when working on a tractor, maintaining a tractor daily, be able to describe the legal requirements when working on a tractor and washing and cleaning a tractor.

Unit 1:Take precautionary measures when working on a tractor

  • Safety precautions are to be taken when working on a tractor. 
  • Legal requirements are to be complied with when operating a tractor. 


Unit 2:Maintain tractor

  • The Cooling system is attended to manually. 
  • Lubrication of the tractor is attended to manually. 
  • The air intake system was attended to manually. 
  • The wheels attended to as required. 
  • Fuel system attended to as required. 
  • The lights, flickers and the hooter are checked on a daily basis. 


Unit 3:Clean and wash tractor

  • Dirt to be removed manually as required. 
  • Wash the tractor manually

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online


Tractor Maintenance

SAQA ID: 116818

NQF Level: 2

Credits: 2

Certificate Validity: 2 Years