This programme equips individuals with the skill to drive a tractor, conduct daily maintenance on
a tractor and comply with the legal requirements for operating a tractor

Unit 1:Describe the legal requirements for operating a tractor

  • Legal requirements are identified with respect to drivers, passengers and protective devices. 


Unit 2:Recognise operating hazards in the use of a tractor

  • Hazards in using a tractor are identified. 
  • Accidents and the major cause of them are identified in writing. 
  • The tractor driver's responsibilities in case of an accident are explained verbally and in writing. 


Unit 3:Operate a tractor

  • Pre-starting checks are performed manually. 
  • Engine starting operations are performed manually. 
  • Post-starting checks are performed manually. 
  • The driver complies with all legal requirements when driving a tractor. The tractor is driven in all the available gears. 


Unit 4:Conduct daily care of tractor

  • Checks on the tractor are routinely performed. 
  • The tractor is washed.

Duration: 5 Days

Delivery: Classroom/Online

Tractor Driver

SAQA ID: 116820

NQF Level: 2

Credits: 10

Certificate Validity: 2 Years