Time Management Skills






Managing one’s time is an essential step to success, especially in project management. Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time you spend on specific tasks so that they can be completed at the right moment. Time Management is a skill that a lot of people fail to master. Due to distractions either internal or external tasks may not be completed on time. Time Management skills help us prioritise the tasks that need to be completed on time. Good time management enables you to complete more in a shorter period -without procrastinating-, helps management stress and leads to career success. This course looks at all the factors that do not allow you to finish tasks on time, why time management skills are a virtue and how can one management their time using these skills.


Learn how to prioritise tasks. Be able to meet deadlines. Lower stress levels by being organised. Developing a positive attitude towards daily tasks. Be able to maintain focus until the task or project has been completed.

  • Unit 1: 
  • 1. Time thief: Communication
    2. Time thief: Decision-making
    3. Time thief: Planning
    4. Time thief: People
    5. Time thief: Delegation
    6. Elements we can/cannot control

  • Unit 2:
  • 1. Circle of concern
    2. Circle of influence

    Unit 3: 
  • 1. Time management control factors
    2. Changing your thinking about time

  • Unit 4:
  • 1. Power thoughts
    2. Self-awareness
    3. Values
    4. Life vision
    5. Goal setting 
  • Unit 5:
  • 1. Power of focus
    2. Modern technology is changing the way our brain works
    3. How to stay focused and look after your brain
    4. My App Store
  • Unit 6:
  • 1. Power skills
    2. Proactive planning
    3. Beating procrastination
    4. Decision-making
    5. Assertiveness
    6. Delegation 



  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Delivery: Classroom/Online

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