A Learner who attends this course will be able to train (manipulate) plants using pre-determined methods and techniques under close supervision. This is an entry-level Unit Standard and provides a foundation for learners who are engaged in crop production where plants are grown using trellises and other guiding structures.

Learners will gain specific knowledge and skills in manipulation techniques and will be able to operate in a plant production environment implementing sustainable and economically viable production principles.

They will be capacitated to gain access to the mainstream agricultural sector, in plant production, impacting directly on the sustainability of the sub-sector. The improvement in production technology will also have a direct impact on the improvement of agricultural productivity of the sector

Unit 1:Use tools and/or equipment for a pre-determined manipulation method in the correct way

  • The correct tools for the manipulation method are selected. 
  • The correct manipulation method is identified. 
  • The correct stage of plant growth for the crop and the selected manipulation method is identified. 
  • The manipulation method is executed correctly. 
  • Equipment is used safely and in such a way to prevent damage to tools and the plant material. 
  • Tools or materials are used appropriately to pre-determined manipulation methods. 


Unit 2 :Develop frameworks as part of plant manipulation methods

  • The trellis is applied by taking into account the height of the stem, the spacing of bearers, shoots and spindles. 
  • The plant framework is developed appropriately for the identified trellising system. 
  • The growing points and bearing units are manipulated according to the identified trellising method. 
  • The plant is shaped to determine the position of bearing units according to the identified cultivation practice. 


Unit 3:Understand flower and fruit manipulation principles

  • Fruit and flower manipulation principles are listed. 
  • The correct spray chemicals for flower/fruit manipulation are identified. 
  • Physical manipulation of the fruit and flowers of an identified crop is carried out correctly. 


Unit 4:Apply correct simple pruning principles appropriate to the crop

  • Elementary pruning principles are explained. 
  • The appropriate pruning method for a specified crop is identified. 
  • Unwanted growth is removed according to the pre-determined manipulation method. 
  • Pruning actions are executed correctly.

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online



SAQA ID: 116203

NQF Level: 1

Credits: 5

Certificate Validity: 2 Years