This program is intended for learners who will review the existing client/customer base and identify potential customers using a range of research and resource methods: Thereby generating selling opportunities. Contact all clients/customers in a professional manner, handling any objections and/or requests efficiently: Evaluate and record responses for future reference.

  • Unit 1: Identify potential customers
  • 1.Potential customers are identified using standard research methods.
    2. Sales leads are gathered from a range of sources in accordance with company procedures.
    3.Communication channels are established with purchasing decision-makers.
    4. Existing and potential customer base is reviewed to determine new selling opportunities according to company procedures. 


  • Unit 2: Generate selling opportunity
  • 1. Sales leads are pursued in accordance with company procedures.
    2. The procedure to make contact with potential is explained according to standard company policies and procedures
  • 3. The procedure to relay information relating to a service or products to a customer is described in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • 4.Future interaction with the customer is agreed according to company policies and procedures.
  • 5.Customer objections or requests for information are dealt with in accordance with company procedures.


  • Unit 3: Respond to sales opportunities

  • 1. Sales leads or contacts are evaluated against the organisation set criteria.
    2. Sales leads or contacts are recorded according to the organisations standard procedures.
  • 3.Sales leads or contacts are followed up according to company policies and procedures.
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Delivery: Classroom/Online
  • SAQA ID: 259917
  • NQF Level: 4
  • Credits: 8