apply the organisation's code of conduct in a work environment



This Unit Standard is intended for learners in a work environment. It is designed to raise moral standards as a counter to potential or real corruption within a work environment. The focus is on ethics and the learner, and does not include corporate governance. This Unit Standard is intended for junior managers of organisations.

  • Unit 1: Explain the concept of ethics in relation to the 'moral compass

    • The components of the 'moral compass' are described according to theory and practice. 
    • The team leader identifies team members' positions on the 'moral compass' according to observed behaviour.
    • The relationship between ethics and the constitution is explained according to group and individual rights and responsibilities.


    Unit 2: Describe the role of a code of conduct in a work environment according to ethical principles.

    • Code of conduct is explained, with reference to organisational documentation.
    • The Code of conduct is compared to the principles in the Constitution and the 'moral compass' within the context of the organisation.


  • Unit 3: Uphold the code of conduct within the work team.

    • Potential conflict between a personal value system and an organisational code of conduct is identified, with examples.
    • The consequences of non-compliance with a code are explained, with examples. 
    • Aspects of the code of conduct are applied according to Standard Operating Procedures. 
    • Examples of deviations, past or present, from the code of conduct, are identified and remedial action, if appropriate, is taken according to Standard Operating Procedures.
    • The importance of reporting deviations in areas beyond team leader's area of responsibility is explained according to the code of conduct. 

Duration: 5 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online

Apply the organisation's code of conduct in a work environment

SAQA ID: 242815

NQF Level: 4

Credits: 5