Learners are critical, reflective and responsive readers and/or viewers of written/signed and visual texts. They are able to draw comparisons between texts and to compare and contrast themes and issues in texts with those in the contexts in which they live and work. They identify and analyse style and tone/sign size and pace and account for their effectiveness in different texts. They are willing to challenge the assumptions and values expressed in texts. 

Unit 1:    Critically analyse texts produced for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts


  • Reading and/or viewing strategies appropriate to the purposes for reading/viewing are adopted. 
  • Organisational features of texts are identified. The role of each of the features is explained in relation to usefulness in making meaning of readings and/or viewing. 
  • Synthesis of information from texts, and generalisation of patterns and trends, result in appropriate conclusions about purpose, audience and context. 


Unit 2:    Identify and explain the values, attitudes and assumptions in texts

  • An understanding of surface and embedded meaning in the text is reflected in presentations of viewpoints. 
  • Values and views in selected texts are identified and explained in terms of the impact on meaning and target audience. 
  • Evidence cited from texts in defence of a position is relevant. 

Unit 3:    Evaluate the effects of content, language and style on readers'/viewers' responses in specific texts

  • Content is outlined and its possible effects on different readers/viewers are explored. 
  • The impact of different writing/signing techniques on reader/viewer perspective are identified and explained in terms of the particular effect produced by each. 
  • The influence of specific language structures and features is analysed. 
  • The effect of selected production techniques in visuals is explained
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Delivery: Classroom/Online

5 Day Courses: Participants will receive a SpecCon Holdings certificate upon completion of all courses.