perform maintenance on tools and equipment

Perform Maintenance on Tools and Equipment





Provide the learner with the necessary knowledge and skill to perform the following:

Operate tools and equipment used in farming

Service and maintain farm machinery and equipment

Unit 1:Operate tools and equipment commonly used in farming.

  • Tools and equipment selected for purpose of use
  • Tools and equipment used for purpose according to manufacturer`s requirements
  • Safety precautions complied with according to enterprise and manufacturer`s requirements 


Unit 2 :Service and maintain tools and equipment.

  • Manufacturers requirements complied with when servicing equipment and tools
  • Components to be checked/adjusted according manufacture`s requirements
  • Manufacturer and enterprise safety requirements complied with


Unit 3:Diagnose and rectify common basic faults.

  • Simple faults identified and rectified
  • Complex faults are identified and reported to supervisor
  • Components that are faulty are replaced under supervision

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online


Perform Maintenance on tools and Equipment

SAQA ID: 12616

NQF Level: 3

Credits: 5

Certificate Validity: 2 Years