National Cert : Local Economic Development NQF 4

This Qualification has been designed as an entry-level Qualification in the field of Local Economic Development. It is the first step in a Qualifications framework that ends with a Qualification at level 6.


Qualifying learners will have the required knowledge of and insight into the nature of LED and the role that Local Government plays in it. It lays the foundation for developing applied competence in Local Economic Development practice. The Qualification will help the learner with identifying the key values and frames of reference necessary for good governance of their own Local Economic Development by local communities.

This Qualification will mean that in future LED officers will have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to operate professionally. It will also open a career path for LED officers who will have improved career opportunities as a result of their increased knowledge of LED and their ability to implement the policies and carry out the procedures required of people in their field of work

Rationale for the Qualification

This qualification provides learners the opportunity to gain a qualification in Mixed Farming Systems (Plant- and Animal Production). The range of typical learners that will enter this qualification will vary and includes:

  • New entrants in farming who wish to progress to the level of Junior Labourer within farming operations in Mixed Farming Systems;
  • New entrants that wishes to enter the sector as farmers;
  • Learners in possession of different levels of practical experience in farming operations, which will be assessed and RPL’ed;
  • Possible candidates for promotion identified by the community as leaders.
  • Learners may come from both genders.