Under guidance, the learner will be able to install and maintain typical wire fencing

A person who has earned this unit (erect and maintain wire fencing) standard is capable of:

Prepare for wire fence installation and maintenance procedures.
Install and maintain wire fences.
End-of-erecting and maintenance operations must be carried out.
Range: Wire fencing include traditional wire, un-barbed wire, and wire mesh wire fences that are used to separate or mark off regions, as well as wire gates that are utilized as access apertures inside these fences.


Unit 1: Prepare for wire fencing erecting and maintaining procedures

  • For erecting or maintaining wire fences are identified on a sketch or map and on site.
  • Equipment and material to be used are prepared according to workplace procedures.
  • The work area is prepared according to wire fencing erecting or maintaining needs. 
  • Personal preparation is done according to workplace procedures.

Unit 2: Erect and maintain wire fences 

  • Wire fences are erected and wire gates installed according to work site instruction.
  • Wire fences and gates are inspected for maintenance according to workplace procedures
  • The standards for wire fencing are controlled during erecting and maintaining of fences.
  • Common problems associated with wire erecting and maintaining are solved within scope of work. 

Unit 3: Perform end of erecting and maintenance procedures.

  • Equipment are cleaned and stored according to workplace procedures.
  • Waste from the cleaning, installation and maintenance process are handled and dispatched according to workplace procedures.
  • Materials are stored according to workplace procedures.
  • Faulty or broken equipment are reported according to workplace procedures


Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Classroom/Online


Erect and maintain wire fencing

SAQA ID: 12561

NQF Level: 1

Credits: 4

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

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