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With the trends moving towards Elearning, SpecCon (Pty) Ltd has invested in this area by not only developing its own Elearning platform but has endeavoured to make it proudly South African. The platform is the first in South Africa to receive MICTSETA accreditation and provides computer, business related, soft skills and wellness courses. The courses are video based and presented by local facilitators. Some of the courses also provide for personal assessment, provision for exams and is fully aligned to MICT SETA and SAQA requirements.


  • SETA audited, approved and accredited Elearning platform.
  • Entire delivery from facilitation, assessments and moderation of the skills program is via the Elearning platform
  • Videos, Simulations, Animations, Assessments, Examination, Examples and practicals

To view our Elearning platform and list of courses click here.

With this knowledge of developing our own Elearning platform over the past 4 years, we have the skills to help your company convert content to Elearning content. This can be done in various ways and with multiple options. You also have the option to rent our Elearning content on an annual basis.


Individual Costs for Elearning development

Cost for Content Development

Loading of Word/PDF pages (Manuals or Presentations)
click here

 R100 per page

Videography (plus editing)
click here

 R10,000 per day

Animations (invitations, wedding invitations, advertising, educational) - Basic click here

 R1,000 per minute

Animations (invitations, wedding invitations, advertising, educational) - Complex click here

 R15,000 per minute

Simulations click here

 R500 per hour

Questions/ Assessments Loading click here

 R50 per question



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