Information Technology: Systems Support NQF 5

The IT: Systems Support Learnership is designed to develop well-rounded IT professionals, building on foundational technical skills. This qualification expands specialisation into the core field of networking and support.

On achieving this qualification, the learner will have competencies in:

  • Using a logical methodology to troubleshoot the common types of hardware and software problems typically encountered in  the day-to-day operations of a department in an organization;
  • Understanding the role of technology in the business context;
  • Demonstrating basic application support skills;
  • Demonstrating operating system support skills;
  • Demonstrating network support skills;
  • Relating business problems and information technology solutions;
  • Demonstrating appropriate technical reporting skills;
  • Demonstrating appropriate customer care in the context of IT support;
  • Functioning appropriately in a change management process within a support team;
  • Demonstrating hardware support skills for server computers; and
  • Demonstrating an understanding of Systems Support contextualised within a selected work area.

Pre-requisites / Assumed Learning

  • Learners accessing this Learnership should be competent in:
  • Communication at NQF level 4 (Grade 12)
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 4 (Grade 12)
  • Computer Literacy

Further Study Options

Learners completing this qualification may consider further studies in:

  • Information Technology at National Diploma leve

Network Design and Installations

Unit 1:Demosntrate an understanding of issues affecting the management of a local area computer network
Unit 2: Install and configure a multi-user networked operating system
Unit 3: Administer a local area computer network
Unit 4: Demonstrate an understanding of local area computing network, by installing a networked
Unit 5: Install and commission a local area computer network
Unit 6: Design a local area computer network for a departmental office environment

Computer Operating Systems

Unit 1: Monitor and maintain a multi-user networked operating system
Unit 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of a multi-user computer operating systems
Unit 3: Apply the principles of resolving problems for a single- and multi-user computing operating systems

Systems Management

Unit 1: Demonstrate an understanding of computer database management systems
Unit 2: Describe enterprise systems management and its roles in IT systems support
Unit 3: Test networked IT systems against given specifications
Unit 4: Administer security systems for a multi-user computer system

Business Research Skills

Unit 1: Create database access for a computer application using structured query language
Unit 2: Explain the principles of business and the role of information technology
Unit 3: Use computer technology to research a computer topic

Workplace efficacy and customer care

Unit1: Writing business reports in retail /wholesale practices
Unit 2: Work as a project team member
Unit 3: Conduct a technical practioners meeting
Unit 4: Demonstrate appropriate customer care in the context of it support, according to a service level agreement


Unit 1: Demonstrate an awareness of ethics and professionalism for the computer industry in South Africa
Unit 2: Demonstrate an understanding of estimating a unit of work and the implications of late delivery
Unit 3: Demonstrate an understanding of wide area computer networks, comparing them with local area computer network
Unit 4: Demonstrate an understanding of different computer network architectures and standards

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