Information Technology: Business Analysis NQF 6

Learnership Overview

The Business Analysis Learnership is designed to develop business analysts with skills to analyse,
communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information
systems. The competencies attained through this learnership can be ported to other specialisations such as
systems development or systems support.

On achieving this qualification, the learner will have competencies in:

  • Analysing a business scenario;
  • Developing a business case;
  • Compiling user requirement specifications;
  • Developing functional specifications;
  • Monitoring quality assurance activities through the life cycle of a project.

Pre-requisites / Assumed Learning

Learners accessing this Learnership should be competent in

  • Communication at NQF level 5
  •  Computer Literacy at NQF level 5
  • Grade 12 or equivalent

Pre-requisites / Assumed Learning

Learners completing this qualification may consider further studies in:

  • National Diploma / Bachelors Degree in IT Systems Development or Technical Support

Communication and Ethics

Unit 1: Conduct communication within a business environment
Unit 2: Apply concepts and principles of business ethics in the professional environment

Problem Solving and Needs Analysis

Unit 1: Demonstrate logical problem solving and error detection techniques
Unit 2: Conduct an organisational needs analysis

Information Systems and IT Solutions

Unit 1: Investigate implementation options for information technology Solutions
Unit 2: Analyse and participate in the design of information systems

Business Needs Analysis

Unit 1: Plan and monitor the business analysis process
Unit 2: Perform enterprise analys

Requirements Analysis

Unit 1: Perform requirements elicitation
Unit 2: Perform requirements analysis

Requirements Communication

Unit 1: Manage and communicate requirements

Solutions Assessments and Validation

Unit 1: Conduct solutions assessment and validation

Business Research

Unit 1: contribute to the implementation, post -implementation review and maintenance of information systems

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