Business Administration NQF 4

Learnership Overview

The Business Administration Services Qualification is designed to meet the needs of those learners who are already involved, or wish to become involved, in the field of Administration in any organisation or business in any sector. Administration competencies apply to all industries including non-commercial organisations such as clubs and charitable organisations. This Qualification is intended to meet and enhance standards of service within the field of Administration within all business and non-commercial sectors.

On achieving this qualification, the learner will have competencies in:

  • Comprehension of written and verbal texts.
  • Project Teamwork and Business Policies and Procedures.
  • Financial Literacy.
  • Legal Knowledge.
  • Project Administration and Support.
  • Call Centre Administration and Human Resources.


Pre-requisites / Assumed Learning

Learners accessing this Learnership should be competent in:

• Communication at NQF level 3 (Grade 10)
• Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 3 (Grade 10)
• Computer Literacy at NQF level 3

Further Study Options

Learners completing this qualification may consider further studies in:

• Generic Management (NQF 5)