Excel Assessment Basic skills to focus on

Preparing an Excel Assessment requires a thorough understanding of the productivity tool. It is important to classify the different skills that need to be measured to further identify weaknesses and strengths as far as the use of the tool is concerned. If you need to prepare material for Excel skills testing, you need to cover the basic Excel skills required in different job requirements. Below are some of the areas that you can include in the Excel proficiency test.

Basic Formatting

It is important to determine the examinee’s familiarity on the Microsoft Excel environment. The ability to use shortcuts in giving instructions as well as the use of the basic interface icons is a basic Excel knowledge requirement. This is the simplest part of an Excel Assessment but it can also determine if there is a need to check the other skills. Passing this part of the skills testing is a requirement for the administration of the advanced Excel areas for testing.

Cell Manipulation

Being able to modify and manipulate the basic entity of an Excel spreadsheet is a basic skill for those who will use the tool in their operations. This competency includes the ability to make references to cells within a worksheet or within a workbook. Jumping from one cell to another and relating one to another is included in this competency class.

Chart Manipulation

Manipulating images through charts based on numeric data is one important skill expected from Microsoft Excel users. Reporting processes will be easier when there is proficiency in this aspect of the productivity tool.

Formulas and Functions

Consolidating and manipulating data can be made possible by the use of basic formulas and functions in Excel. The higher level of competency in these features allow for the maximized use of the software. This important skill should be included in any Excel Assessment .

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