Excel Assessment areas to review

Preparing for an Excel Assessment requires the necessary preparation to make sure that you will get a good mark. A guide on the specific lessons will help you in your review so you can master the Excel skills and you will be able to do well in the Excel proficiency test. Whether you will take the Excel skills test for employment or for other purposes, it is important to be prepared. Below are some of the important areas that you have to prepare on.

Spreadsheet basics

You should know the basic components of an Excel spreadsheet. Understand the referencing of cells and the different worksheet conventions. This part of the review should be fast if you are already using common productivity tools, the basic icons are the same and some basic operations are easy.

Basic spreadsheet formatting

It is important to know how to format cells. Text, layout, paragraph and data formatting are very elementary as far as Excel Assessments are concerned. You only have to go through each formatting requirement by entering some sample data - see and master the formats.


Because you may need some time to be adept at using the formulas, you should spend more time learning and practicing their use. You can use free Excel Assessment tests to check on your level of competence for using the various formulas. Some commonly used formulas include Sum, Countif and Average.

Excel shortcuts

There are Excel commands that have their corresponding shortcuts. Always remember the shortcuts because there are Excel questions that fall under this category.

Excel functions

Better attention should be given to the use of Excel functions. These are categorized as mathematical, statistical, text, financial, lookup and reference, logical, and date and time functions. Use each one repeatedly to understand how each works. You also have to remember the syntax with the corresponding parameters

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