Basic Excel Course

Our Basic excel Course Take Only One Day

There are some courses for Microsoft Excel that are terribly involved and complicated and may take several days, but this is totally unnecessary. As long as certain training companies can convince you that Excel is an extremely complicated application that is very hard to master, they can sell you prohibitively expensive multi-day training courses. Do not be caught out, because the truth is quite the contrary.

Excel made simple

Basic excel Courses can be made very simple, but you need a training company that can break down Excel's power into bite-size parts that you can easily understand. There are extremely many ways to achieve the same results in Excel and as soon as you understand that, you would understand why we say you only need to know 31 formulas in Excel to do virtually anything. With these 31 – and many different combinations of them – you can harness Excel's full power.

We always start our courses for Microsoft Excel with all the simple, basic operations that everybody has to know, like fixing formulas, rows and columns, finding and using the developer tab, using ranges, using the automatic calculator and protecting your worksheet. It only takes a few hours to explain all these functions and when they make perfect sense, we move on to the more advanced features.

Advanced excel Courses

Some of these advanced formulas and functions would include reporting functions as well as formatting, logical, lookup and text formulas. Once everything has been explained to you by a qualified chartered accountant with years of experience using Excel, you will understand why it is possible to present a proper Microsoft Excel course in only one day.

This course can be done as an excel online course or onsite facilitation.


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Basic Excel Course


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Basic Excel Course


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