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You should talk to the professionals today about Excel computer courses that are really affordable and can teach you all you need to know to utilise the power of Microsoft Excel. The best courses are well-structured and compiled in such a way to give you a proper overview of the course content. They are not overly complicated and do not swamp you with unnecessary information.

Start with the basics

These Excel computer courses start with the basics of Excel, like fixing rows and columns, what ranges are and how to use them, using formulas and what to do when formulas do not want to calculate. You would also learn where to find the developer tab and how to use it, using dates and protecting your worksheet, among other relatively basic operations. You would learn that you only really need to know thirty-one formulas to do nearly anything in Excel.

The more advanced sections of these Excel computer courses would then proceed to enlighten you about text, lookup, formatting and logical formulas, as well as reporting functions. The thirty-one formulas you will learn would be the most important ones and they have been especially selected because, by using them or combinations of them, you can cover all the bases in Excel.

Presented by a professional

Excel computer courses should be presented by a professional like a qualified chartered accountant, because they have used the product for many years and have a bird's eye view and can see the big picture. Therefore, they can show you all you need to know without cluttering the course content with unnecessary detail. All the course content should be logically presented and you should be able to take it home for later reference.

For the most comprehensive Microsoft Excel computer courses that teach you all you need to know about Excel in just one day, contact us.

This course can be done as an excel online course or onsite facilitation.


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Basic excel course


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Basic excel course


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