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Excel 2016 Course

Excel 2016 Course – Accelerate Your Learning

Excel is the tried and trusted spreadsheet software offered within the Microsoft Office suite. With Excel, you can create spreadsheets and efficiently store, organise and analyse your numerical data. Anyone who is proficient in Excel simply can’t live without it – but those who aren’t yet proficient tend to be intimidated by the programme, especially those of us who are always saying, ‘I’m bad with figures’. The reality is, Excel is simply a collection of formulas that, once learned, are simple to apply and will make your working life easier than you can imagine, completely eliminating the ‘grunt work’ traditionally associated with spreadsheets. 31 Best of Excel is a South African company making it easier than ever before, by offering practical, easy to follow and highly informative courses packed with tips, tricks and common sense. For those working with Microsoft Office Suite 2016, enrol for an Excel 2016 to really give you a kick-start.

Our Excel 2016 Course Makes Learning Easy as ‘pi’!

The reason our company is called Speccon is because we teach the workings of a valuable secret: there are really only 31 formulas that you need to know in order to operate Excel like a pro. Our Excel 2016 course lays these out in an easily accessible manner, and we are by your side to talk you through it and clarify everything you learn completely, so that by the time you leave our Excel 2016 course, the workings of this spreadsheet programme will be another notch in your skills belt.

Excel 2016 Course Contents

You will be taught all of the 31 formula ‘insider secrets’ by seasoned professionals on our Excel 2016 course and you will quickly learn how to combine multiple formulas, apply advanced functions and formula combinations and how to use macros to maximum effect.

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This course can be done as an excel online course or onsite facilitation.


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