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When it comes to making proficient use of Excel, many of us will probably admit that we know the basics of the program but not much beyond that. The fact of the matter is that Excel is a fabulous and somewhat versatile program which can do a whole lot more than what most of us actually realise. Those who attend Excel advanced courses in South Africa will be privileged enough to understand the full workings and complexities of the program and make effective use of it.

When it comes to finding Excel advanced courses in South Africa you certainly don’t have to look far. 31 BestofExcel presents courses and classes to the market that are easy to understand and can teach you everything that you need to know from the basic working of Excel to the more complicated and complex functionalities. Knowing how to make full use of this particular program can help you greatly in your work life.

At Speccon we believe that there are 31 formulas in Excel that one absolutely has to know in order to make effective use of the program. We have 2 Excel manuals for you to download which explain and describe how to best make use of the formulas available with the program.

When electing to do Excel advanced courses in South Africa with us, you will be provided with access to the 31 Formulas manual which has actually been perfectly pieced together over a 4 year period. Our Excel manuals are designed to be user friendly and explain nine main models of Excel. Our manuals cater from Excel 2010 to Excel 2016. Of course when our manuals explain how certain formulas and models work, examples and opportunities to test each one out will be provided. There is always support available for those who encounter any problems or confusion along the way.

At Specconl we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are provided with the best opportunity to learn how Excel works and put it to good use.

Take that first step towards completing Excel advanced courses in South Africa with the assistance of Speccon. With our help you can learn how to make effective and efficient use of Excel which is required these days in most business and office environments. Have the advantage of prior Excel knowledge – book your course with leaders in the field today.

This course can be done as an excel online course or onsite facilitation.


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Advanced  excel course


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Advanced  excel course


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