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It takes only the most cursory examination of Microsoft’s famed spreadsheet programme to appreciate the potential of this product. With a far ranging set of functions that includes everything from the ability to automate calculations to forecasting, “what-if” scenarios and complex 3-dimensional graphic displays, no commercial enterprise is complete without this valuable tool at its disposal. All too often, however, users lack the knowledge to capitalise on all but a few of these valuable options. Excel courses offered in Pretoria are changing this to the benefit of both companies and their employees.

The applications of this popular software programme extend far beyond the needs of commerce. Mathematicians, physicists and all manner of researchers will find maths and stats functions to meet any challenge from solving differential equations to the statistical analysis of research data and survey results. A programming interface allows advanced users to design templates and applications specific to the most unique needs – although not without some expert guidance.

Excel Courses in Pretoria are now providing an important role in getting new users started with intensive training at the basic to intermediate levels that should be able to meet most application needs. For those already competent at these levels but whose job requirements suggest the need for a more in-depth programme of study, additional training, such as that provided by the innovative Speccon training company, offers these learners the more specialises content needed, through their advanced Excel courses in Pretoria that are designed to take them that important extra mile.

Progress in Logical Steps

For those brand new to spreadsheets, the introductory material will cover the essentials for performing the basic arithmetic calculations and totals while also familiarising learners with the various formatting functions and others that are available given a sound knowledge of the toolbars.

The rest of the material covers data entry, insertion and deletion of columns, rows and worksheets and the use of certain simple objects. In this way, basic Excel courses in Pretoria provide the beginner with a sound insight in to both look and feel of the programme and its more commonly used functions.

Having mastered these basics, the learner will then proceed to the intermediate level that covers further built-in functions such as concatenation, averaging, filtering of data by selected parameters and the use of conditional formatting.

The majority of users, should find that the basic and intermediate instruction prepares them perfectly to tackle their work tasks while, those with further needs can attend advanced courses to master some of the more specialised tools such as pivot tables, macros and VBA programming.

Advanced Excel Training And Tutoring

Before enrolling on an advanced excel training course it is imperative that you have mastered some basic Excel skills. One of these skills should be the use of the different toolbar options that are available in Excel. The first thing that you need to learn is how to set up and customise your toolbars to suit your requirements.

The default settings on Excel may often mean that no tool bar appears at all the first time you open the program. You can simply right click on the top of the Excel screen and then select the toolbar function. Since you are not at the advanced excel training stage it is recommended that you select the default toolbars and not the custom settings for toolbars as you may leave out some important functions or you may select functions that are not necessary in the basic stages.

Once you have accessed the toolbar, you need to learn how to use each of the functions. Because there are such a multitude of Excel functions you will notice that some of the toolbar buttons have drop down boxes that give you more options than what you see in front of you. While some of these functions can be important in the basic uses of Excel, it is best to leave the familiarisation of these functions to an advanced excel training course.

One of these functions is the complicated formula bar on the main tool bar of an Excel workbook or spreadsheet. This does not mean that you cannot use the formula function at all when you only have basic Excel skills. You can simply use the auto formula functions until you have the skills to enrol on an advanced excel training course. However, you may need some intermediate Excel tutoring to assist you with auto formulas at an intermediate level.

Excel Tutoring – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

There are two ways that you can go about getting some Excel tutoring. You can either enrol on a defined training course where you will learn Excel along with others in a group. Alternatively you can find a course provider that offers one on one training courses to enhance and speed up the amount of time you take to learn the course material. Both these types of Excel tutoring courses are available in basic or beginners, intermediate as well as advanced excel training courses and are dependent on the skills that you have already learnt through experience and other means.

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