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Advance Excel Courses To Master 31 Formulas And Functions

31BestofExcel offers Advance Excel Courses in a relaxed environment where delegates learn how to master the 31 formulas in Excel and how to apply them. Not only do we show you how to create the formulas, but also how to combine them for best results ever.

The Advance Excel Courses are presented in workshop format and will take no more than one day out of your schedule. The investment in time will be worth it through and through. People with advanced excel spreadsheet skills are in demand in the workplace. Most people know how to create basic formulas in Excel, but where and when to apply them remains a problem. You can become one of the power users of Excel through our workshops.

We address not only how to create the formulas in the one day Advance Excel Courses presented by an experienced Chartered Accountant, but also teach delegates when, where, and how to apply the formulas in Excel.

Some of the formulas & functions you will learn through the hands-on workshop course are that of:

  • IF – how it is formed and how to apply it.
  • Basic and advanced examples of IF.
  • IF on the formula bar.
  • Troubleshooting IF.
  • The VLOOKUP function.
  • Examples of the VLOOKUP application.
  • Working with Pivot Tables.
  • OR Function and examples.
  • AND Function and its applications.
  • Iserror Function
  • Spaces in Excel
  • Find Function
  • AutoFilter Function
  • Sum IF Function
  • HLookup Function
  • Concatenate
  • TRIM
  • MID Function
  • Left & Right Functions
  • Count IF Formula
  • Average Formula
  • Search Formula
  • Proper Function
  • Conditional Formatting

Although the above list is long, it is not merely exhaustive, and the best part of it all – you will master the above functions and formulas as well as their applications in no time at all through our Advance Excel Courses. View the available dates for the workshops and contact to book your seat now.

This course can be done as an excel online course or onsite facilitation.



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