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Did you know that you only need to know 31 formulas in Excel? Whenever someone attempts to work with the program they get overwhelmed by the impressive menu and its ribbon. It is now possible to overcome your fear of exploring Excel to the fullest with our easy to follow and hands-on Excel courses South Africa.

You can be the best in Excel without having to attend a lengthy and expensive course and you certainly easily master the feared Macros. Not only will you learn how to use formulas in Excel with our well structured Excel courses South Africa, you will also learn how to use functions and combinations. We have discovered the secret to learning Excel fast and efficient and will share our experience and knowledge with you.

The Excel Courses (South Africa) are short and focussed. We provide a money back guarantee, proving our confidence in our product and the presenter who is a Chartered Accountant with in-depth knowledge of the program. You cannot ask for a better presenter. He has years of experience in creating complex formulas, tracing errors, working with multiple workbooks, and charts.

The secret to learning Excel lies in the mastering of the 31 important formulas and their applications. We provide you with the knowledge, tools, and hands-on practice at our courses to ensure that you will be able to make your work easier, fun, and highly accurate. You can even download the manual for free at our website.

Few course organisers provide the after sales service that we do. We know that you will want the assurance that help is just an email away. Compile your worksheets, and if you need help, simply email us with your delegate number and we will assist. This service is an add-on bonus for anyone who attends one of our exciting Excel Courses South Africa. Don’t waste anymore time. Contact us today to book your place at the next workshop offered at Beginners, Advanced and Super Advanced (Crazy) level.

This course can be done as an excel online course or onsite facilitation.


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Advanced  excel course


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Advanced  excel course


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