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Seeking A Specific Example Of Excel Formulas?

People who aren’t naturally numerically savvy tend to shy away from accounting and spreadsheet programmes like Excel, the spreadsheet software offered within the Microsoft Office suite. What most people don’t realise is that there are only 31 formulas that you actually need to know to proficiently operate Excel, and if you just take the time to learn these, you won’t spend valuable work time hunting around for a specific example of Excel and how to apply the formula to get you through the next spreadsheet.

Example of Excel Formulas Made Easy

Speccon is a South African company that will teach you the tricks of the spreadsheet trade in a fun, information packed and relevant way. From mastering combined multiple formulas, applying advanced functions and formula combinations and using valuable macros, by the time you are done with one of our courses you will never again need to scour the net for an easy to understand example of Excel and its formulas – you will simply know them!

Our Example of Excel and Its Formulas Manuals

Find out what you can learn on our courses by simply visiting our website and downloading our free Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 formula manuals, each containing an example of Excel formulas for every accounting and spreadsheet purpose. Once you’ve downloaded and had a look at these manuals, you will see how invaluable it will be to attend one of our Excel workshops – and you will actually be excited about it. The results will speak for themselves, as do these testimonials from past delegates: “Work that took me 8 full days to complete now takes 20 minutes and is actually fun to do!” (Carrie, Credit Controller) and “My work is really fun again - I am always busy learning and I feel like a programmer!” (Barbara, Financial Manager). 

Don’t waste any more time hunting down the perfect example of Excel and how to apply its formulas. 

Beginner Or Basic Excel Courses Pretoria

One of the best ways to improve your computer software skills to make you a more likely candidate for employment in an office environment is to enrol on Excel courses in Pretoria. Being able to use Excel in even the most basic of formats is a required skill for most employment opportunities in office environments while advanced excel training will open the door to a wider range of job prospects.

This means that you should not try and enrol onadvanced excel courses in Pretoria but rather opt for beginner courses that will teach you the basics. Without a basic knowledge you would probably not be able to understand most of the course material that will be covered in the more advanced training courses that are available for Excel training.

You can always hone and improve on your Excel skills at a later date when you have had some experience in using what you have learnt in a working environment. You can even find out whether your employer will cover the cost of advancing your Excel training once you have been employed as this will benefit both you and the company or organisation that you are working for.

It is very important to ensure that you will receive some sort of certification from your provider of Excel training courses in Pretoria whether opting for a beginner or an advanced course. This means that they will need to be a certified Excel training provider to provide you with the necessary certificate. This certificate can be added to your Curriculum Vitae to provide support to your claims that you have completed and Excel course and that you can use the program effectively.

Remember that there are different versions of Excel and that it is best to receive training on the latest edition which is Excel 2011. Previous versions of Excel will give you some skills in using the latest version but there are some functions and applications that are available in Excel 2011 that will not be covered by a tutorial that will train you on one of the previous versions.

While different Excel courses will cover a range of topics, you need to make sure that the following course material is included in the Excel training before you enrol on a course:

Creation of spreadsheets.

  • Using automatic formula features and basic formula applications
  • How to format cells within an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Use basic functions included in the toolbars for Excel.
  • How to make optimal use of the help function in to improve upon the skills you have learnt as well as to attain new skills in Excel.
  • Once you have completed the Excel courses in Pretoria it is important to keep practising what you have been taught especially while you are looking for employment. It can be very easy to forget what you have learnt and continual use of the program will not only ensure that the course material stays fresh in your mind but can even help you improve your overall Excel skills.

Simply contact us today for more information and to find out about the best Excel course to suit your requirements.

This course can be done as an excel online course or onsite facilitation.


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